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    Smile Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all on ASF who celebrate the Chinese New Year!
    The contents of this post were tested, ruthlessly, on small, cute, furry animals. Most of them were fatally harmed. Hence, if this post causes irritation, please discontinue reading immediately.

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    happy new years !!!
    hope everyone gets lots of lucky money !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy View Post
    Happy New Year to all on ASF who celebrate the Chinese New Year!
    Thanks Timmy. .

    This is apparently my "Year". The Duck is actually a Rat.
    Remember - it's not a lie if you truely believe it yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckman#72 View Post
    This is apparently my "Year". The Duck is actually a Rat.
    Just trying hard not to say anything here, Duckman!

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    "Of all the signs, the Rat symbolizes activity and charm.

    It is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac; so, it fittingly represents (initiating) action. Depending on you to get things moving. There is constant mental activity with you. Even when you appear to be resting, your mind is working full speed. Most often you are devising a scheme to earn the most money with the least amount of work.

    You are resourceful. What you might lack in competence you more than make up for with your quick thinking, shrewdness and outright deviousness. You are most effective using a direct, if not aggressive, approach to life. You tend to be proactive and are most comfortable basing decisions on logic.

    Because they are constantly in their heads, they are often edgy and easily agitated. This state of agitiation can quickly turn to annoyance and impatient when the Rat has to deal with those that are not as quick witted at the Rat. If the Rat can remain humble and understand his/her limitations, this Rat is a powerful force. However, if the Rat becomes to cocky and overconfident in its ability to get out of tight spots, the Rat may find itself in hole that no amount of smarts and charm will be able to help it climb ouf of."

    Sound like a stock market trader this year good be good for trading short term ?
    "cash - a call option with no expiration date, an option on every asset class, with no strike price. Warren Buffett

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