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    Question Supercomputer-based risk optimization, comments?

    Has anyone looked at http://www.anadare.com and tried it out?

    Every investor knows that diversification can reduce risk and increase returns. They provide a web-accessible front end to a supercomputer back end, to seriously crunch numbers to find alternatives that reduce the risk and increase diversification.

    In particular, there are some backtesting/validation examples to demonstrate how you would have done had you used their approach a few months ago, at http://www.anadare.com/validation.html

    The mutual fund example is throught-provoking, in that both this supercomputer approach and international mutual funds use the same approach to risk and diversification, and it shows up clearly.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi kapok776,

    I find this Supercomputer topic thing interesting, I am looking at some of the features from this website and I'll get my results soon.


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    I just rechecked my account and got my first results (reading them), the only thing is I spent a lot of my $20 free money on this run


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    did anything happen with this? sounds interesting.


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