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    Default Check that index

    with the market churning atm like a frog in a blender, it is a good idea to know where the sub indexes are headed as these often have a suction effect on the shares in that index
    in other words there often are a few good performers in an index that will drag the others in that index along for the ride - either Up or Down
    and particularly when the overall market is indecisive (like now) some indexes are in bull mode some sideways and some in bear mode
    so check each relevant index for your stocks
    today the overall market went down by 3.2% - how did the indexes go compared to this??
    ASX 200 Energy [XEJ] -3.4
    ASX 200 Materials [XMJ] -4.7
    ASX 200 Industrials [XNJ] -2.9
    ASX 200 Cons Disc [XDJ] -1.8
    ASX 200 Cons Staples [XSJ] -2.3
    ASX 200 Health Care [XHJ] -2
    ASX 200 Financials [XFJ] -3.3
    ASX 200 Info Tech [XIJ] -2
    ASX 200 Telecomms [XTJ] 3.1
    ASX 200 Utilities [XUJ] -1.6
    ASX 200 Prop Trusts [XPJ] -4.5
    ASX 200 Fin-x-Prop [XXJ] -3

    and what are the current medium term trends for these indexes (MT I take as 2-3 years on a weekly chart)

    XJO - sideways
    XEJ - UP
    XMJ - UP
    XNJ - Down
    XDJ - Down
    XSJ - UP
    XHJ - UP
    XFJ - Down
    XIJ - Down
    XTJ - sideways
    XUJ - Down
    XPJ - Down
    XXJ - Down

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    Default Re: Check that index

    this is also a good way to determine the strength of your stock.
    if the stocks index is going north but your stock is heading south this is weakness and vice versa for strength. question what it means.

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