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    Default Year of the Rat Portend Losses

    Believe it or not.
    Just for fun or take it seriously ?

    Asian market that would include Australia I suppose.

    Year of Rat May Portend Losses in Asian Stocks, Astrologers Say

    By Chen Shiyin
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    Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Chinese astrologer Tony Tan, a former broker at DBS Securities, made money for his clients in 2007 by telling them Asian equity markets would turn in "peak performances'' in the Year of the Pig. He's predicting losses in the Year of the Rat, which starts this week.

    "Just like a rat, investors will have to be nimble,'' said Singapore-based Tan, an astrologer since 1995 and founder of the Harmony Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. "It's going to be a highly competitive year.''

    Chinese astrology, based on a mix of philosophy and astronomy dating back more than 3,000 years, has 12 animals that combine with five elements to define each year, making up a 60-year cycle. This year the Rat, a "water'' creature, combines with the "earth'' cycle, another unstable combination according to Tan.

    Stock markets are already falling. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index dropped 9 percent in January, its worst monthly performance since September 2001, after a 12 percent gain last year. Benchmarks in 11 of the region's 14 largest markets including China, Hong Kong and Singapore reached all-time highs in the Year of the Pig. MSCI's Asian index reached a record on Nov. 1

    Tan expects markets to bottom out in April, a "dangerous'' month for stocks because of clashing elements. Prices may rebound as the Year of the Rat continues, without setting new highs, he said.

    "The Year of the Pig was one of optimal strength,'' Tan said. "We're not going to see a repeat of those gains.''

    More than 60 percent of 1,572 South Koreans surveyed recently said they had consulted an astrologer for the Lunar New Year or planned to do so, according to CareerNet Co., an online job- information provider in Seoul.

    Favorable Elements

    Some fortunetellers are more bullish than Tan. Malaysia-based Joey Yap, whose feng shui seminar in Kuala Lumpur last month drew a crowd of more than 3,000 participants, said there will be plenty of opportunities to profit this year.

    "There's uncertainty, but there's also a lot of activity and growth,'' Yap said. Investors should buy shares of companies in the commodity-related, medical and transportation industries, he said, citing their favorable elements in this lunar year.

    In the last Earth-Rat Year between Feb. 10, 1948, and Jan. 28, 1949, China was divided by civil war and Japan was still recovering from its defeat in World War II. The MSCI Asia index fell 19 percent in the most recent Year of the Rat, a "fire'' year, between Feb. 19, 1996, and Feb. 6, 1997.

    The new lunar year begins Feb. 7 in many Asian countries including China, marking the start of a week-long holiday.

    Beat Lenherr, who helps oversee about $20 billion as chief global strategist of LGT Capital Management in Singapore, has consulted a fortuneteller -- who makes divinations based on readings of the stars, numbers and energy flows -- for both personal and professional advice for the past eight years.

    "Uncertainty will prevail and volatility will continue to be high,'' said Lenherr.

    To contact the reporter on this story: Chen Shiyin in Singapore at schen37@bloomberg.net.

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    Default Re: Year of the Rat Portend Losses

    Gee it must take a lot of astrology to work out that this is going to be a volatile year for world markets...

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    Default Re: Year of the Rat - no fire elemenet, more conservative

    Economic Moves This Year

    2008 is a Yang Earth year, with the Water element underneath. The dominating element is therefore Water. So it's going to be a time of cooling down after the active economic years of 2006 and 2007. Fire is the symbol of financial markets and strong Fire stimulates optimism and speculation. There is no Fire this year and without Fire the market turns conservative.

    The strong Water element encourages some movement for the Earth industries which are property, insurance, mining, hotels, engineering, health and the chemical industry. With strong Water showing up, the property market can be active, but only in Earth-ruled countries. Investors this year will, however, be more cautious and more practical; there will be a cooling down, with more stability in stock markets.

    With little or no Fire, the Fire industries finance, the stock market, energy, electricity, entertainment, and airline businesses will definitely not advance this year. Home and property values will have some support, but with Water underneath, it may be that natural water disasters strongly influence the property market. The solution would be not to buy or invest near seafronts, rivers, large water bodies, or on flood-prone land.


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