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    Default Travelling on 20K


    I'm interested to know peoples thoughts on where to go traveling on 20k.

    Some basics.

    Needs to cover the expenses of two people.

    Want to go for longer (3+ months) and cheaper rather than short and lavish.

    My thoughts are perhaps Thailand but not sure how long 20k would last.

    Any experiences etc would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    I havnt been to Asia for a long time, but about 10 years ago was staying in Bali for $3 a night Including breakfast! Might be 10 now perhaps ?
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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    $20k is heaps to live on for 3 months for 2, even more so if that budget is after flights/taxes.

    In Thailand, $250 will get you a month in a clean, airconditioned room for two with private bathroom near the beach in Hua Hin, about 200km south of Bangkok. I imagine there's even better value around the North in Chiang Mai or if you're a little more adventurous in Laos or Vietnam. You can comfortably eat 3 meals a day from street vendors for less than $10ea. Booze will be one of your more significant expenses, but at $2-3ea it's hard to complain.

    Use somewhere like that as a base, book it out for the 3 month block (you can negotiate even better rates if you do) and use rail to do short 3-4 day trips around the country.

    It really depends just how much you're prepared to rough it. As you can see $20k goes a looooong way in that part of the world. And Thailand is one of the more expensive in those parts.

    I imagine $20k is very doable in most of South America too. I'm sure ASF's Peruvian correspondent will be able to give you the low down. And then there's Eastern Europe - parts of Russia, Romania, Ukraine and even the Baltics. Not to forget Africa, the Middle East.....

    It's just about endless.

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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    Theres a place in the Philippines...beach front, very quiet..30 us a night, a
    German guy runs the place u could prob do a deal for longer stay.

    1 place would have to be boring for 3 months...Mauritius would be great for 3 months...rent a house or unit.

    The choices are endless.
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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    Quote Originally Posted by doctorj View Post
    I imagine $20k is very doable in most of South America too. I'm sure ASF's Peruvian correspondent will be able to give you the low down.

    You could spend 12 months in Central America on $20K, South is a little more expensive, but you'd get a long way on $20K and be able to live it up regularly.

    You could also spend 12 months in India on $20K, but most of that would go on toilet paper.

    I think Vietnam is almost as cheap as Central America, and beautiful. The rest of SE Asia is pretty good value.

    $20K would get you 3 nights in a hostal in the UK, or New York....

    So, depends on where you want to go really. 3 months in SE Asia would be a great amount of time there. Start in Hanoi and head south to Singapore perhaps. Or, 3 months in Central America starting in Mexico City and fly out of Panama.

    Or, 3 months on the crapper in Varanasi in India.

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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    If you're clever you can manage parts of Europe too...southern, eastern.

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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    Mate, you'll **** it in on $20k .... easy

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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    Just got back from Singapore and KL again actually.

    If you cant live in Asia comfortably for 6 months on 20k (after flights), with a bit of budgeting, there is something wrong.

    For 6 months it would give you each AUD384 per week.

    Food would amount to about $150 each per week if you stuck mainly to the markets. Accomodation is dependent on what style you want.

    My suggestion for a good trip is start in Singapore and work your way up through Malaysia, Indonesia and into Thailand.

    Timon islands in Malaysia are pretty sweet, and make sure you visit Kanchinabrui (Bridge on the river Quai) if your in Thailand.

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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    Recently got back from Cambodia and Vietnam.

    Although Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are still quite cheap, the countryside towns (Kampong Cham, Stung Treng etc) are even cheaper.

    Some indicative costs (in $US) in Cambodia :

    - Comfortable Hotel country town (with TV, Hot water, aircon). $5-$10 per night.
    - Comfortable Hotel in city. $10-$25 per night
    - Rent an apartment or room for an extended time, and it would be much cheaper.
    - Cans of softdrink/beer, bottles of water. $50c-$1
    - A decent meal of local food. $1-2
    - A snack (eg;bread roll, noodles) /fruit from markets : <$1
    - Laundry. $1-$2 for a couple of days worth
    - Pharmaceuticals/toiletries : v.cheap
    - A new set of travelling clothes. eg: Long shorts, new shirt and some sandals. <$10
    - Transport between towns by bus. <$5 By ute/truck - depends on your negotiation skills.
    - Local transport around city. up to $1.

    Vietnam is also cheap, with similar prices to above. Even Saigon is cheap, and is a very clean and organised city with good food and shopping.

    $20K would stretch quite a long way, and allow a fair bit of travel and sightseeing in these places.


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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    In 1987 / 88 (I know most of you weren't born then)I took 12 months traveling / surfing Mexico to South America cost $10K.

    Reading Kennas posts / blogg.........always raises my pulse

    I would imagine $20K would take two people a long way just pick your comfort / security level do your research and....... sheeezz can I come toooooo

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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    have heard really good things about this place in Chiang Mai

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    Default Re: Travelling on 20K

    Cost of living supposed to be cheap in



    Buenos Aires

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