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    Cool Stocks under 30c

    hi guys, iv just come out of a long term investment and now i want to start my journey with stocks under 30c. i dont know where to begin.......any suggestions on stocks under 30c that are worth researching ?

    happy trading

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    Question Re: Stocks under 30c


    Off the top of my head i would say a good one to look at would be AZR a mining company it reached off from 10c mark a while ago now around 20cent mark after highs of 23.5 odd. A good thread on this one is


    Tells you all about it, pro's con's people suggest could fall back a bit maybe to 16 cents so perhaps one to hold off on but keep an eye on it all the same. Could go well.

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    Smile Re: Stocks under 30c

    thnx foundermember, i sure did have a good look at azr.
    still researching for the right one...

    happy trading

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