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    Hi ASFers,

    I wanted to begin a thread on SDI - Southern Dental Industires to discuss this stock and get your opinions.

    I do not hold any stock in this company but i have it on my watch list.

    Its been a real dog of a share over the past four years and its share price has dropped from about $2.20 to 26 cents where it languishes today.

    I understand the decrease in share price is due to delays bringing to market a new product it has dveloped called 'Riva'. Its a tooth filling material made from sand/glass.

    I also understand that the company will not see profits from this product impact on the bottom line for some time to come, possibly 2-3 years.

    I reckon its one of those shares that might be able to be picked up very cheap in the next 12-18 months and could potentially provide great returns 3 years down the track.

    I like these long term plays and have done well on similar before.

    Anyone have any comments to make?

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    Hi Jessica,
    Well its been a long long time that I've held onto my sdi shares, I bought in at $1.80!! Sheer stubbornness has me holding on, and I'm a long termer too.
    I have been 'cheered up' by the fact that after the faulty battery issue that dropped the share price initially, the continued downward trend is due to the strengthening dollar and the increasing expense of materials. Also that it is family run company with the family owning most of the shares, so out of sheer need to survive they are committed to turning the company sp around.
    Maybe I am wrong and stupid, but it's for those reasons that i still continue to hold and support this embattled company.
    I have been through some lows with this - see my post on dud shares!
    But I still havent sold.

    good luck to me i suppose

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    Hi Resbequoi,

    I am still watching this company and if i can free up some money i will be looking to buy a few at or below 25cents to get things rolling. Depnding on how they go i will look to accumulate, but at present i am invested elsewhere.

    Its been a real dog but thats when i like to buy them, when no body elses wants them or is remotely interested. I am happy to buy and hold, if i was to buy at 25cents i would be hopeful of an exit around $1.00 and looking to hold for 12 months to 5 years if necessary. Not a bad return for sitting on your hands...................

    I just have a feelng they will turn things around but, who knows what will happen.

    Good luck with it, if i take a position i will post on here, meanwhile i will be keeping a close on on it.


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    hi guys,
    just adding to this thread. I've had this stock on watch for a little while now and am wondering if anyone thinks now may be a good time to get in. I know this co. is adversly effected by exchange rates (due to the bulk of income being derived o/s) however I think with the negative markets worldwide the aussie cant stay as strong as it is for longer than another 12 months.
    may be one to sit on for some time but from what I understand the business is strong.
    any thoughts?


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    Hey TM220,

    i am still watching it, but, surely it must be near bottom now. I hear the company is relatively good, i have a contact.

    I do not hold but i think if you are willing to sit on them for a few years they could be a good thing.

    But DYOR, good luck with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trembling Hand View Post
    Silver aint looking too good....

    Quote Originally Posted by Country Lad View Post
    Unless you have SDI shares.

    Country Lad
    Anybody note the hint?

    Country Lad

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    Default Re: SDI - SDI Limited

    Just a bump for 2015.

    Doing some research and noticed SDI has had a bumpy journey.

    At the same time it's revenue has steadily increased year on year, so variations on cost/margin seem to have been the issue in the past.

    Reached company high profit and revenue last FY, and seems to have some growth factors to the business.

    The main issue for me would be unpredictability of earnings, given it's an industry which I'm not familiar with, otherwise it has a lot of the fundamentals I look for.

    Any opinions welcome.

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