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    Default Favourite Brokerage Site

    Hi All,

    If this is already done, I apologise. I thought we could get members to post the Brokerage sites they use and recommend (or wouldn't recommend) and the reasons: Cost, Function, Reliability etc.

    Once we get a heap of different brokerages sites we could put these into a running poll.

    I'm sick of eTrade stuffing up my portfolio and I'd be keen to know if there is anyone out there who is better. I know eTrade isn't cheap and I've had a gut full of having to wade through contracts to find out what my REAL portfolio is.

    Please try and post useful and positive comments, not "Commsec sucks" or "eTrade bites the big one"

    I look forward to your replys.

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    Default Andrew West - andrewwest.com.au

    I use Andrew West. The trades were not a hassle. The portfolio and watchlists work ok for our (small) portfolios.

    When I have emailed and spoken to their staff they have been friendly and helpful (opening the account and resetting a forgotten password).

    I suspect the research information is not updated as regularly as the research on the bigger sites like Commsec. I also opened an Etrade account (which we do not use) and their research seems more up-to-date.

    Trades are $29.95 which seems like good value. Bank statements posted every month.

    I hope this is the sort of reply you are after and is helpful to others.

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    Default Re: Favourite Brokerage Site

    I use Comsec and for the money I find them quite good, however on the real big busy days you can not get your orders on and this can cost you.

    I also use a Easybroker which is a subsidiary of Easystreet Financial Services. They charge a flat fee for brokerage of $26 per trade for buy parcels up to $50,000. For sell parcels they are $26 for any amount. They worked fine when Comsec were down and for simple trades I find them quite good. Their research is ordinary though. You can find them here: https://www.easybroking.easystreet.com.au/

    I am always looking for better brokers so I will be following this thread also.

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    Default Re: Favourite Brokerage Site

    I use westpac. 29.95 per trade. I have never had a problem with them. Their research seems pretty good

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