Hi All,

Just thought I'd make members of ASF aware of a known issue with etrade.com.au

As most of you will be aware, most brokerage software uses a "first in, first out" methodology which simply means the first stock parcel purchased will be the first parcel sold.

On the odd occasion I choose to edit the the purchase date so I can choose which parcel is sold. This is when the problem occurs.

Upon editing the parcels of shares, I find that that particular parcel disappears from my portfolio. As you can imagine, this scared the crap out of me when it first occurred. Now it just pi$$e$ me off.

The problem can be fixed by calling etrade and asking them to edit the details but this is a real pain as finding the details can often mean wading through old contract notes.

I've asked eTrade on many occasions to look into fixing the issue but to date the problem has not been fixed. Interestingly this "used" to work fine but it's been nearly six months since I first noticed the issue.

If anyone from eTrade is reading this, I urge you to pull your finger out. This is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH.