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    New to forum, can someone tell me where to find the various indices ASX/S&P listed by weighting? Only lists I can find are in alphabetical order and a lot of general information about investing in stocks mention overweight or underweight positions?Thanks

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    Don't know if this is any help

    Maybe the S&P site?
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    I put together these stats in September so thing would of changed a bit since then. But you get the idea

    % of market Cap
    Financials 38.7%
    Financial-x-Property Trusts 30.3%
    Materials 19.7%
    Industrials 8.7%
    Property Trusts 8.5%
    Consumer Staples 5.8%
    Consumer Discretionary 5.5%
    Energy 4.8%
    Telecommunications 3.5%
    Health Care 2.4%
    Utilities 2.0%
    Information Technology 0.5%
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