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    Hello to all that take the time to look at my query.
    This is my first posting, I am new to shares and am trying to get an understanding of how things happen.
    This morning TLS in PRE_OPEN was showing 4.16m shares traded @ $4.75 (TLS2501.pdf) when the market OPENed (TLS2501a.pdf) 5.56m shares had been traded.
    I understand that an algorithm is run in PRE_OPEN to set the day's opening price.
    My question is if 4.16m shares were traded why is Today's HIGH not $4.75, which leads me to ask why those 34 trades were treated differently to other trades entered. ie traded when the market was CLOSED - 7:10am.
    Not trying to be cynical but shouldn't all trades be treated equally.
    I'm sure we would all appreciate the best possible prices.
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    Off market trades - two parties get together and agree on a price for a (usually large) transaction. They then report the trade to the ASX and it appears as an after market transaction.

    Since it's a closed shop transaction, there is no access to this price for anyone other than the parties to the agreement so it is ignored in the OHLC pricing reported at the end of the day.
    The above post is entirely fictional and any resemblance to any stock living or dead is purely coincidental.
    Michael D

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