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    Default Mind Reading Market

    I swear this market can read my mind!

    This morning I had yet another incidence of what's happened many times before. I've watched the price of a share I'm interested in buying (opposite happens with selling though) and it's been up say 2% and sitting around there for some time.

    Eventually I decide it doesn't look like it's going to drop back to give me a better entry price, and decide to buy at that price. I switch to another screen to prepare a buy order, then before submitting I go back and refresh the current price. Up 5% now!

    C'mon, one minute ago it was only up 2% and had been there for quite a while, why has it suddenly shot up another 3% within seconds of me actually deciding to make the purchase?

    I'm going to have to come up with some way of making the trade before I actually think about doing so...


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    Default Re: Mind Reading Market

    Obviously "great minds think alike" Can only suggest that as soon as you make the decision buy at market price without rechecking. "time is money" perhaps

    I am unqualified

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    Default Re: Mind Reading Market

    Quote Originally Posted by GreatPig View Post

    I'm going to have to come up with some way of making the trade before I actually think about doing so...
    embrace the benjamin libet within you


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    Default Re: Mind Reading Market

    GreatPig - I actually think there is a lot to your post ... it is surely not coincidence? Explod on the right track with 'great minds think alike' - as we sit in front of our screens with various alerts triggering our interest we are not alone hahahaha.

    HappyT - I had to look up Benjamin Libet on Google ... interesting stuff and very pertinent.

    GreatPig = great thread thanks.
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