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    Default Market futures data?

    Anyone know a good source of market futures data (including US and Aus). Last night my work must have added Bloomberg to their block list, and even after googling I can't find any others. thanks

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    Default Re: Market futures data?

    Thats funny. No one working, everone must of been watch their shares go bad.

    You could try the exchanges.



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    Default Re: Market futures data?

    thanks but I can't work it out on those sites.

    Really just after DOW and ASX futures

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    Default Re: Market futures data?

    chewy - when you got home from work, stick "surf at work" or something similar into Google, have a read of the proxy server sites. Using these can allow you to access sites otherwise blocked.

    LIke one of the sites says ... "Love to surf the web? Upset at how all that "work" they assign at the office cuts into your surfing time?"

    Let us know how you go (post the response from work).
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    Default Re: Market futures data?

    I just take short breaks during the day - it makes you more productive But I don't want to try and circumvent their system. I like my job lol.

    thanks for the link shares

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    Default Re: Market futures data?

    This link gives you DOW futures chewy, not sure about the ASX...


    But why don't you get somebody you know who has a website, and add this link... This will more than likely bypass the block.

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