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    Default Future Fund - Wonder how it is going?

    is anyone able to obtain information on the current make up of that glorious public service pension fund called the future fund ?

    i wonder how those overpaid fund managers are handling the mega billions they have to play with.

    maybe they can step in and support all the penny dreadfuls that are dying a quick death. or maybe buy the stocks which have political friends in charge.

    thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Future Fund - Wonder how it is going?

    i heard from a friend who is a member of the australian stock report that one article very briefly mentioned that a sizeable amount of fund has been invested around 6350 level. anyone confirm this?

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    Default Re: Future Fund - Wonder how it is going?

    I was going to start a thread today about this but you bet me to it.

    Last year I mentioned on the XAO thread that it would have to be the biggest indicator of a top in the market when bureaucrats set up a share fund.

    Of course I was dumbed on by all the blind Bulls. From my blog on 22nd Of August,

    This Bull has convinced so many people its going to last forever that even the Bureaucrats are now in on it. Think about that because it makes me deeply worried. I personally have little faith in Peter Costello and his bean counters timing this thing at anything other than the top of the market.

    Yes I know it is run by smart people. But since when does the government time anything other than when the bull has already bolted. (Pun definitely intended)

    Just like the tops in the market pull in the last of the retail investors this could be just another one (it is your money=Tax)
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