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    Default A basic set of trading rules - Jesse Livermore

    A basic set of trading rules which may be helpful for someone starting out ...


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    Thanks for the link weird - interesting website too.
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    Default Re: A basic set of trading rules - Jesse Livermore

    Thanks Timmy,

    The oldies are goodies, I also like Darvas (both his books are great reading).

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    Default Re: A basic set of trading rules - Jesse Livermore

    What I can gather from my reading and listening is that he lacked something, possibly risk management skills, which caused his monetary worth to fluctuate greatly over time. Didn't follow the rules set out on that link? Appears to me he was a professional market gambler throwing the kitchen sink at stocks when his tape interpretation said so.

    My source : Jesse Livermore's Methods of Trading in Stocks (audible version)
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