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    Default Highly geared stocks

    Hi wondering if anyone knows of any highly geared stocks that could see falls like CNP, MFS and AFG which could be shorted???

    Looks like this is the only way to make money at the moment in the market

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    It depend on their debt funding structure, you got to understand how it fund its debt and meet its obligation.

    If you dont understand all this dont buy the stocks that are highly gear or better yet don't buy stock if you don't understand it at all .

    I look at CPN when it was 4-5 bucks but I never understand how the how CNP structure works, its all links and pipes going all over the place, so I stay the hell away, now trading at 50 cents I still stay the hell away cos I don't understand it and dont want to understand it either. There are alot more simple good business out there why waste time on something you dont understand in the first place.

    If after a quick research I cant work out how a business make its money
    or have a reasonable understanding of the business I stay the hell away because I cant work out how much it worth, if I don't understand how it makes it money

    Now the market is down and not going any where north soon, maybe you should read some good book like
    Philip Fisher: Common Stock, Uncommon Profit and Ben Graham: the Intelligent Investor

    only 2 books you need for stock market :-)

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    Smile Re: Highly geared stocks

    ROE, I think we all might need to calm ourselves with those classic publications.......cause this is getting to be a pretty nasty correction now....pretty brutal.....some of my major sells a few months ago are looking good, but then the subsequent buys are not looking so good...hehe.......

    Want to make money in this market.......find the best quality businesses out there and buy cause they are all on sale, even the best stuff......with profit season next month.....you even get a dividend and some franking credits to boot....what a good deal
    Big Stocks Don't make Big Stock Moves---Lynch

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    I have done prescious little research however the chart does not look good at all for Challenger. Their please explain from the ASX re their declining SP was answered in monosyllables.

    The Low of August 07 was also their major support mark of $4.00. Currently trading at $3.63 and not looking like reversing the trend anytime soon.

    Anyone know what their debt setup is?
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