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    one for the record, only in America;


    and this is for real. NINJA is the actual name of the loan application and what it stands for.

    work that out!!!

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    thought the A was for assets (no income, no job, no assets) - and yeah gives an idea of how silly it was getting.
    Don't take investment advice from seafood.

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    The loan comes back to slaugher them when they least expect it?

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    You are probably correct about the A = Asset. My mind was at odds to understanding the concept of it all.

    I remember having to beg the bank for my first loan even though i had a job and a deposit. I was going to borrow less than 80% and the bank was pushing mortgage insurance on me for loan of around 90k.

    bring back the eighties!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OK2 View Post
    bring back the eighties!!!
    I agree - but as they say "be careful what you wish for"

    Imagine if common practice of the 1980s came in over night, Imagine the carnage lol, 1930s would be a walk in the park!

    May Peace Be With You

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