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    Default WTF VIDEOS: The Great Oil/Energy Swindles

    Oil is not a Fossil Fuel

    200 years of Natural Gas under Alaska

    Interesting Interview with President of Shell

    Water Fuel Cells using the excess power from a car to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas which is fed into the Carbie which results in extra power and up to 25% better fuel economy made from a couple of hundred dollars of parts from Hardware shops etc.

    This is only one video, there are hundreds on Youtube. Why pay for fuel when you can run your car on water???

    So, in summary, there appears to be heaps of oil in the world, they are finding oil where there shouldn't be oil, oil appears to not be a fossil fuel but is created by other forces in the earth, access to huge amounts of oil and gas are restricted and people are making their own water fuel cells from parts bought from Bunnings.

    Hello, can anyone else see a problem with this picture????
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    IMO there is certainly a conspiracy at work here. Those with a vested interest in denying peak oil, which is practically everyone on the planet, will be denying it as long as they possibly can. Just like how the tobacco companies denied the risks of smoking until it became so blindingly obvious that they weren't telling the truth.

    Abiotic oil just doesn't work in the real world and that's what matters. There's plenty of depleted oil fields in the world and they aren't suddenly refilling - that's why they ran out. If they refill in a million years or even 1000 years then that's not much use to us now.

    At best it means we could keep using oil but at a drastically slower pace than we do today - in practice that means we still have a "shortage" problem.

    There could be huge unannounced reserves sitting somewhere though. That is certainly possible and is something that very few would know for sure if it's true. And nobody can say for sure that it isn't true.

    As for the "excess power from a car" bit, that just defies all the fundamental laws of physics. The power came from the fuel in the first place and you're not going to (A) power the car and (B) produce enough "excess" power to be self sustaining.

    In short, it's another "free energy machine" they're on about. I've seen quite a few of those ideas and even had someone show me one. Just one thing - dig deep enough and there's always some hidden energy input somewhere or some store of energy being depleted whilst the machine runs.

    I can get two power drills from any hardware store. One mains powered, the other cordless. Then I can set both up on a stand locked on to maximum speed with something (eg a drill bit) attached. On the surface, the "no wires attached, completely self contained" cordless one is self sustaining. Just don't mention that battery that's slowly running down.

    Much the same applies to most of the so-called free energy machines - something is gradually getting discharged, hot, cold, lighter, losing pressure, slowing down etc to make it work.

    I'll stand corrected only if these people can build a car powered this way, have it independently inspected and then drive it 10,000 km without any servicing or otherwise doing anything other than drive. And then weigh the car, do a thorough inspection etc to ensure that no stored energy in any form has been depleted. I won't be holding my breath for it to happen...

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    Default Re: WTF VIDEOS: The Great Oil/Energy Swindles

    The Russians have believed for a long time that oil is in the majority of circumstances it is formed by subterrainian geological processes deep within the earth and that only a minority is formed by chemical process from decayed plant matter. Also another interesting fact it is believed that all oil formed from plant material happened in two brief timeframes of severe global warming millions of years ago

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    Just on the free power thing.

    Sure you can't create free enegy by you can extract more energy than from just the fuel. Take reverse cycle air conditioners for example when they are heating the act as a heat pump and are actually most around 120% efficiency.

    That is you put 1000 Watts of electrical power in and 1200 Watts equivalent of heat energy comes out.

    There are engines which use heat differentials to drive pistons in modified sealed combustion engines filled with gas in the cylinders. In fact some are used for generating electricity from solar as the suns heat is used to drive the differenital. But this method is much less than 100% efficient.

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