Hi folks,

..... here's the codes for that AFR list and some quick astroanalysis on each
one for 2008 (and only in an order, that makes sense to astrotraders.):

Zicom Group - ZGL ... has had its chance for 2008 and will likely face some very
negative stuff in March and June, with negative news
expected 17032008, 05052008 and 16062008.

Data #3 - DTL ... has also missed the boat for 2008 and will suffer similarly,
around the same dates, as ZGL.

Impact Capital - ICD ... if there's a big move ahead, it may be this week, 07-09012008.

IMX Resources - IXR ... may spike, around 08-09012008 and again, 2801-01022008,
with strength around 30012008.

Image Resources - IMA ... will be looking for a strong move 04-11022008

Greencross - GXL ... should perform well in 2008, with exposure to 3 periods
of VERY POSITIVE cycles, especially around 15-20022008.
11-22082008 and 2609-09102008 ...

..... best performers, from the remainder of this list will likely be:

BRM - BRW - CNT - FER ... all these should figure strongly, later in 2008,
so will post more in the relevant company threads, as they unfold.

Worst performer from the list, may well be RKN.

Adamus Resources - ADU
Albidon - ALB
Avastra Sleep Centres - AVS
Breakaway Resources - BRW
Brockman Resources -BRM
Centamin Egypt - CNT
Coal of Africa - CZA
Conquest Mining - CQT
Data #3 - DTL
Fermiscan Holdings -FER
Greencross - GXL
Gryphon Minerals - GRY
Image Resources -IMA
Impact Capital - ICD
IMX Resources - IXR
Reckon Limited - RKN
Style Limited - SYP
Sundance Energy - SEA
Vulcan Resources - VCN
Zicom Group - ZGL

happy days