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    Does anyone know where i can find the jobs report data as it is released live?
    I just traded the 50+ drop in the futures on Friday night rather than the news itself and I think next time I would rather read the news first.

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    There will be pay services for news, but what about the websites of Reuters or Bloomberg? I don't know timely it will be.
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    Hi Fool,

    To get instant news costs money, but in the Forex world news is way more important than in stocks, so head on over to the Forex side of things.

    If you go here and open a game account, then locate their news service feed you will get the news within seconds all for free


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    You could also get Comsec pro trader which has much more than up to date Ann's, it costs about $80 a month I think however you can get it free... all you need to do is either make 15 stock trades per month or 1 options trade per quarter. Obviously making 1 options trade per quarter ($35 brokerage) would be your best option but you would have to open an options trading account with them to do this, obviously you would also need exercise caution if you were to do this.


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    I'd recommend against ComSec for announcements.

    The are slow compared to the ASX site and too many times in the last month or so the annoucements would not even show.

    Too bit operation!!!!

    Only stay because I get it for free with the options trades I do.

    As for economic news, the business channels (CNBC, Bloomberg and maybe now Sky Business) will give the releases as it happens.

    I also use http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php for FX related news but you need to be there at least 5-10mins before news and refresh so you get a little green symbol. Hit that when news is released as it will load up when available. Refreshing the site won't work as site will be overloaded at news releases
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