On page 2 of the Newcastle Herald today, there was a small article entitled "Its a gas for the Hunter". The article refers to "The NSW Minerals Industry 2006-2007 Annual" published in December. The article makes reference to present levels of exploration being just the beginning of a potential industry in many areas of NSW. The article refers to the to the Sydney basin in general and to the "Gloucester Basin, where exploration was extending resource certainty". I thought readers of ASF may be interested to know that articles on such energy exploration projects are making it into the general newspapers. The Heralds website is www.theherald.com.au. I happily hold shares in AJL and MPO who are currently exploring / proving resources in the Gloucester basin. They were due to release an independant reserves report before end of 2007 which has now been delayed into the new year. Should this report be positive and with articles on these projects getting into the mainstream press there may be additional interest in these companies. This is not in anyway investment advice, but a heads-up to look for developments in this area. Individual companies may need very good news indeed to overcome the current gloom coming from the US. If I've breached the Newcastle Heralds copyright may they have mercy and the administrator quickly remove this, my first post. pointr