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    I have been a keen shareholder in the UK based coffee chain Coffee Republic for several years now, having bought in at 19p back in 2001. Coffee Republic, CFE, has never made a profit in its 12 year history but plans to go cash flow positive very soon for the first time. Recent new management has bought in a new zest of life into Coffee Republic and it's definitely one share/stock to keep an eye on in 2008 in my opinion.

    Company website. www.coffeerepublic.co.uk

    Recent news.



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    Smile Re: Coffee Republic UK, CFE

    Latest news .. Coffee Republic (UK) is to open bars in both Ireland and Romania next month.

    A fellow Coffee Republic investor has recently created a new blog dedicated to Coffee Republic, CFE. It has all the latest news/gossip and is an absolute must read for all Coffee Republic shareholders.

    Coffee Republic Investors' Blog: http://theflyingscott.blogspot.com/

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