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    Default HAO - Haoma Mining

    Big spike today, i have never even heard of this company.

    Does anyone out there know any reasons for this, or more importantly, does anyone hold?

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    Default Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    Looks like something coming out of their Gold Project, definitely someone knows something inside. Don't know how ASIC is gonna react to this...

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    Default Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    Melbourne based ASX listed Gold and Base Metals explorer in Western Australia.


    Big movement today, (254%)

    Not holding.

    Cant really seem to find any announcements except for some testwork from a couple of months ago.

    Found this PDF on the asx site though. Im new to shares, and I dont know what it means:
    "The securities of Haoma Mining NL will be suspended from quotation immediately, pending the Company's response to an ASX price query."

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    Default Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    Mining companie that have a tenement in the pilbara. The spike is aparently due to some rock samples that showed iron ore. main focus is gold but Iron is so hot right now so why not get involved.

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    Default Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    Does anyone have access to their assay reports so that I can view them.... I might be able to shed some more light on the matter - mining engineer

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    Default Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    For the last two trading sessions HAO has been one of the biggest movers with over 25%!

    I was looking at the company and thinking of putting a small amount into it.

    It's currently suspended from trading.. that a good or bad sign?

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    Default Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    two directors are worth 47 mill now, they wont be complaining..

    i was looking at the HC posts, who were the original ones spruiking it a few days ago, interesting read..

    you have to be confident to value a .4 stock suddenly as a .37 stock and buy in.. will it all end in tears? i think i know the answer to that..

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    Default Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    Quote Originally Posted by gavank View Post
    does anyone have access to their assay reports so that I can view them.... I might be able to shed some more light on the matter - mining engineer
    Assay report was published in ASX site on 28 Dec. Of course it escaped attention of many as I also see (too late) and the manganese is +40% . It ahs the potential like Consol Min and the bonus is the Fe content, low loss of ignition. Real double barrel bonus. But yesterday's 3 cents is today's 40 cents.

    I do not have the nerve to go for it now even if the assay result is really good.

    Miner :
    All sellers are inevitably, and by the meaning of the word, buyers so DYOR .

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    Default Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    From 40cents down to 22cents.

    What will it open at tomorrow anyone want to guess?

    Once trading resume it took a massive dip, im sure it will open in the green.

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    Unhappy Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    Well from 22c to 19 c today, sadly I hold a small parcel and loosing as days go by. Also noticed there are less buyers today then it has been lately is this going down back to 3 cents?
    Has anyone got any ideas?

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    Angry Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    Well from my last post it has gone down from19 cents to 14 cents today so far and for long time there has been almost no news what so ever from these guys, I try to call them and someone supposed to call me back but so far nothing.
    Has anyone else heard or know anything ,this stock is costing me few bucks hope something happens soon

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    Default Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    Does anyone know why this stock keeps getting hammered, even there is a good announcement.

    Only few months back they had a massive volume and buyers were everywhere now no one wants to know them

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    Exclamation Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    Up 100% in 30 minutes this morning probably due to announcement of the stake by BHP of 10 million shares, low volume so far...

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    Default Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    1Mt tailings at 145-185g/t Au and 200g/t Ag sounds like about 4.8 MOz gold and 6.25MOz silver.

    Can that be right for a company valued at AUD$18m? Admittedly they have no cash (but a commitment from a company associated with one of the directors to continue to provide cash "as necessary, until further notice", in the form of an interest-bearing loan. Outstanding loan balance, AUD$34m).

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    Exclamation Re: HAO - Haoma Mining

    hao_ax20apr12_to_24oct12.png THE HORSE HAS BOLTED (No of cause I wasn't on it )
    ASF seems to be getting quieter, ASF needs contributors not just browsers. Please support our favourite forum.

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