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    I'm doing the sums on the cost effectiveness of installing a 1.5KW Solar Power System on my roof, which would be connected to the grid, and whilst there is a Federal Government Rebate of $8,000 what I'm trying to work is how much my Renewable Energy Credits are worth. REC's are given for each megawatt-hour of eligible renewable electricity generated or deemed to have generated by the SGU (Small generation Unit).

    To my understanding what I'll effectively have is a SGU creating carbon credits which I then sell to someone whom then onsells them, is this correct?

    Below is a list of REC traders but nowhere can I find anyone letting on that they actualy buy RECs..

    Before I actualy call an REC trader and make light of what they offer I was wondering if there is anybody whom has already negotiated with an REC trader on a price for your RECs, and if so what would be deemed a good price, I guess it's judged on kWh?
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    It's a constantly fluctuating market (just like any stock price) but $30 - $40 per MWh or 3 - 4 cents per kWh is the general value.

    I'm not sure exactly how the calculation is done for a household photovoltaic system. For solar hot water etc it is simply a one off "lump sum" amount paid to cover the assumed life of the system in order to simplify things for the householder. Not sure about photovoltaic though.

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