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    AOS has recently re-listed on the ASX after for some time. Big hopes for this one in 2008. Im merely posting this to remind myself that I just got in on AOS at 3.1c
    Happy to hear from anyone else who is following AOS

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    Default Re: AOS - Advanced Ocular Systems

    and a High of 4.5 today!
    Woohoo - easy money.
    If any one out there knows if the company is doing anything special, please let me know!

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    Cool AOS support at 0.006 range 0.007

    more than 2.5 millions in the bank
    royalties stream
    500 millions shares on issue
    looks like accumulation in the range

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    Smile Re: AOS - Advanced Ocular Systems

    These guys have just done a reverse takeover deal with an international scaffolding company.

    The company is IFS and they started in january 2008. IFS was set up by the original founders of a company called PCH scaffolding that was taken over for $250Mill in 2007.

    These guys have now started up IFS in direct competition to PCH and apparently are winning a lot of business in Aust and Asia. Looking at second year earning in the vicinity of 8 to 10 mil.

    Anyway the takeover price of AOS is 1.43cents. Currently trading at .6c so a 130% profit when the deal goes through. NOT BAD.

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