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    Default TOWER (TWR) - Whats happened?

    Just checked out my Comsec portfolio, and it says Tower Limited has dropped 100% to $0.00!!!

    anyone know what the deal is with tower? or is this just a commsec typo.

    I've already lost on ION going belly up, Tower would make things even worse

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    Default Re: TOWER (TWR) - Whats happened?

    my guess is that there will be a new stock code after the merger or whatever it was. Cheers, Mark.

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    Default Re: TOWER (TWR) - Whats happened?

    I think you should be looking at TWRDA now.

    Comsec will probably update your portfolio by tomorrow.


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    Thumbs down Re: TWR - Tower Limited

    It looks to me as if the split of TWR caused me an approx loss of 7% in the value of my shares. (Comparing TWR + TAL + TALR with the value of TWR before the split)

    Am I missing something?
    Does a devaluation like this usually happen after a split?



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    Default Re: TWR - Tower Limited

    Can anyone explain why this stock is an investing no-go zone? I've looked into it a few times and can't explain why the share price has done so badly. This seems to be a well run profitable business.

    Just at the look at their figures and their profit is up

    Am I missing something?


    Total Revenue from continuing operations up 0.5% to NZ$240.6 million.

    Net profit after tax from continuing operations attributable to shareholders increased NZ$4.8 million
    (+44%) to NZ$15.7 million.

    Net profit after tax attributable to shareholders (including discontinued operations) increased 561%
    to NZ$214.5 million.

    Earnings per share on continuing operations increased by 44% to NZ8.33 cents per share (NZ5.78
    cents per share in corresponding period on a like for like basis).

    No interim dividend has been declared and as such no dividend will be paid for the six months
    ended 31 March 2007.

    Net Asset backing as at 31 March 2007 was NZ$1.28 per share (NZ$1.70 per share as at 31
    March 2006). "

    Looks good to me.

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    Post TWR - Tower Limited

    Stock code: TWR


    Current Price $1.510

    About the company
    Tower Limited (TWR) provides a comprehensive range of risk insurance and wealth management products and services to customers throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Products and services include life and general insurance, superannuation, retail managed funds and master trusts.

    Insurance Market Cap $385 Million

    Shareholders Buying
    Date Shareholder Previous % New % Shares Traded
    28-04-09 Orbis Group 5.02% 6.33% 2,628,272
    02-10-09 Orbis Group 6.33% 7.68% 7,328,827

    Shareholders Selling
    Date Shareholder Previous % New % Shares Traded
    No Shareholder Activity

    P/E Ratio - 7.69

    See todays announcement "TOWER Dividend"

    “TOWER advises that a final dividend of 9 cents per share will be paid on 2 February 2010 (Payment
    Date) to all shareholders as at 5pm on Friday, 15 January 2010 (Record Date).

    Dividend Yield of 5.96%, pretty good for a $1.5 stock.


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    Default Re: TWR - Tower Limited

    Yes, TWR's made a good recovery over the last year or two. The SP responded appropriately yesterday.

    With GPG holding 35% of the stock there's the prospect of corporate action at some stage.Would TWR be the aggressor or the target?

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