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    hi. i sm tryimg to find 10 stock for 2005

    cn someone give me a brief opiniom on how you think each of these stock will do in 2005

    rio tinto
    news corp
    macquarie bank
    Mayne group
    Bluescope steel

    i personally think this year is one for insurers, infrastructure and resources...

    what from these sectors are blue chip stock, and a good pick in 2005?

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    hmmm. very blue chip - why not put 1 or 2 small caps in there.

    The only one I think I know a bit about is Tabcorp. I got out too early on it. Its one that you certaintly can't top for yield and is very defensive stock. Even if the market drops 20% this year like some of the cynics predict, I don't think you will be on a loser in Tabcorp, especially if they can do a good job of integrating Tab Limited.

    Having said that, the others all look like pretty safe stocks too, most of them have good yields, I dare say the capital growth won't match that of the past year as most of these have already had a very good run.

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    ok fleeta now im getting scared - U LIKE TAH TOO - tah has been my bread & butter (and this year the jam too) since floating (employee plans) and i will hold, maybe even longer than i'll hold NMS. the word im getting is this weeks selloff is just funds profit taking, and buying up again prior to feb 24 report - sure to be fantastic news from casinos. the tab systems merger is hitting snags, not from tah but govts...as far as the others mentioned, i hold fxj (i luv media hype) and may (recovering from years of stupidity). if the A$ can drop back to low 70's levels then MAY will shine very brightly. not in a position to talk on the rest.

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    Hi Potto 10,

    Very Blue Chip indeed, though i would be more blue chip - resources orientated...

    BHP, RIO & MAY are stocks i like...

    though AMP hitting $8.00 were could it likely go from there.. (just a fundamental guess..


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