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    Default How the hell did ppl trade before the internet??

    Also travel, how did ppl travel??? My missus the other day learnt how to knit from the internet. The way i see it, you no longer need parents and friends as the internet is able to tell you everything!

    for example, i went into flight centre to book airfares, i asked the lady for a quote flying to Europe, i told her our days of departure were flexiable and could she look for the best price. She gave me a quote, i went home and got on the net and beat it by 500 bucks for the two of us. Took it back and she beat the price by $10. Crazy!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: How the hell did ppl trade before the internet??


    That is great... beating Flight Centre's prices and getting them to give such a nice discount!

    I'll have to try this out next time I book a holiday with them.

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