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    Just wondering how you go about claiming missed legitimate claims from prior years tax returns and how many years can you go back?

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    Mate of mine was OS for 5 years and did a return when he got back for all that time, had propertys and everything, ATO was good about it all.

    Best advice, Just phone the tax office , they are courteous , helpful , professional and best of all (unlike an accountant etc) dont charge for Info !
    May Peace Be With You

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    I think there is a cutoff for amending previous tax returns of about 4 or 5 years, so if your returns are within that time frame you should be fine. But yeah, either ring the tax office, or search on the ato website (it has a tonne of information).

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    the time limit for amending a previously lodged return is .......
    4 years - if you are a person with whats deemed a moderately complex or harder return, ie capital gains, foreign income, rentals, or any deductions outside the basics of union fees, donations & tax agent costs.
    2 years - the average joe blow with just wages, interest, dividends, normal deductions like union fees, donations & tax agent costs (the sort of return the normal person SHOULD be able to do themselves)

    the time limits are these exact years after payment was due for the original, or
    the years + 30 days after the assessment date if a refund was issued for the original.

    if you lodge an amendment and it is rejected due to over the time limit, you can lodge an objection, stating reasons the ATO should ignore the rule.

    these limits are for amending details only - if a return had not been lodged at all, there is no limit....but probably fines.

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