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    Hi all - apoliogies for the newbish question

    I'm just wondering, does anyone know a site which lists all the stocks on the asx that can allow me to filter by sector and other categories


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    The one on the ASX website allows you to filter by sector.


    Download the CSV file into Excel.

    If you want more categories to filter, you can go to http://www.ascii-data.com but this site is not up-to-date. Alternatively, your internet trading platform should have a similar feature (eg. Commsec has an "advanced search tool" where you can run a query to return all companies that fit your selected criteria).

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    Here is a simple listing by industry:


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    thanks for the links.
    im using westpac broking atm, am i still able to sign up for a commsec account whilst keeping westpac?

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