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    Default Comsec not enough fund?

    anyone got problem buying shares via comsec today?
    Mine keep coming back saying I dont have enough fund ...
    I got 6x times the amount of money I need in the account

    Order not accepted - deposit required

    Your order has NOT been accepted.CommSec requires a percentage of the market value of your order as a deposit.Please contact our Client Service Officers on 13 15 19 (8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday) to arrange for cleared funds to be credited to your CommSec trading account.Once cleared funds are received by CommSec, you may replace your order.Please note the transfer of funds may take up to 48 hours.

    Got it sorted...
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    Default Re: Comsec not enough fund?

    I bought some thru Comsec today,but I have a direct debit so do not need to load up an account...went thru ok.

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