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    Default Intra-day information

    Does anyone know where I can get the previous days price fluctuations ?

    List or chart - preferably for free!

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    Default Re: intra - day information

    If it's just the HLOC prices try CommSec (free registration) or tradingroom.com.au (you can view the last 12 mths prices- not sure how accurate all the data is though). I don't know of any free services that offer intraday historical prices via charts.
    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: intra - day information

    Hi Dutchie,

    if you have a trading a/c with CMC groups, they do have intra-day charts available and which are free, though the only problem is, they are more specific for blue chip stocks.

    But you can only trade rougly the top 250 stocks on the exchange on there service.. rather than some of the penny and midcap stocks..

    though i use there service, i much prefer using WEBiress intraday charts, roughly around $79 a month for there service, but also its bit hard to break old habits if your use to looking at one service providers charts..

    but havent had any problems as of yet..


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    Default Re: intra - day information

    Thanks for the info RichKid and Still in School

    Finally realised that intraday charts area available through Yahoo - Finance. (Free)

    In fact they have quiet a bit of info you can access for free.
    (International markets as well)

    Not a bad place for beginners to go to.

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