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    What would the immediate and long term affect be of our Prime Minister being injured or killed?

    Mr Howard is to visit Indonesia and in my opinion exposing himself to the above danger (heaven forbid).

    How badly would it affect the market and how long would it take to recover?

    I sincerely hope that this never happens but in todays world it is a possibility that must be considered.

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    What if games are pointless...

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    That is a really strange question on many levels.

    Rather than me speculating I would prefer to hear how you think it would 'affect' the market.

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    I wouldnt think it would have much of an effect, maybe 100 points drop to the asx. The LIBS have a more than capable leader who has been sitting in the wings for the last 8 years (maybe would even make a better prime minister).
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    Jett Star

    I'm afraid I don't have a (constructive) clue.

    Just that it would have to be considered at the time.

    I would guess that the market would fall until the leadership was stabilised.

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