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    Default What is a Remuneration Report?

    Shares I own are going to adopt a Remuneration Report of the company. Does this mean they are going to do a dicing of shares already owned by the share holder eg 3:1 or something like that?
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    CLERP 9 requires listed companies to disclose to shareholders the details of directors' and executives' salaries and bonuses in a 'Remuneration Report' and to submit this report to the shareholders for their approval at the company's AGM.

    The approval is via a non-binding resolution to adopt or reject the remuneration of directors and executives.

    In the case of Telstra, 60% of shareholders rejected the remuneration report but as it is a non-binding vote, the pays of people in the report were not impacted.

    Essentially it forms part of good corporate governance.

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