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    Post TDO - 3D Oil

    floated at 25c part paid in May we are now at 60c anyone else hold?

    board looks top notch mbl and cba hold about 17%.

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    new all time high of 76c from 25c float price in may is anyone watching thing little gem drilling in the Gipsland Basin starts next year has been alot of interest from the majors in this area over recent mnths DYOR

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    another intra day high of 88c today with a green close, keep an eye on this one if you can drilling starting very soon.

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    Default Re: TDO - 3D Oil


    Instead of just commentating what is going on in the market why dont you provide some analysis and reasons as to why this is a stock to watch.

    this might help stimulate some discussion for you



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    The email velow pretty much sums things up Prawn, from Noel Newell TDO's MD as posted from another forum mid 2007.

    "3D Oil is one of a number of companies which have contracted the West
    Triton jackup. This rig is currently being built in Singapore and when
    complete will be towed to Bass Strait. It's original delivery date, when
    the prospectus was written, was December 2007. Due to normal delays with
    these sort of projects delivery is not expected until January/February.
    Further, 3D Oil were originally to drill first but we have decided to let
    Apache go first due to the problems often associated with new rigs. It is
    often referred to as rig shakedown.

    We will immediately follow Apache's 3 well program which may well be in
    March or perhaps April.

    Your other question is a little more difficult to answer. We are very
    confident that we will develop West Seahorse however we do need more data
    on the field, to be acquired from the W SH-3 [West Seahorse 3], to certain of the way forward. Unfortunately the West Seahorse-1 well collected minimal data so there are still many unknowns on the field. Having said that we are extremely optimistic and believe the volumes supplied for the IPO were
    quite conservative. We have kicked off a number of initiatives including a
    high level review of the facilities and location for these.

    I hope these answers have been useful and please contact me if you have
    any other questions


    Noel Newell

    Managing Director
    3D Oil"

    ...although I may be wasting my time here as it seems that no one has had a long look at TDO.

    oh well..

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    3D Oil’s formation was motivated by an initial focus on the Gippsland Basin which has been one of the most prolific oil and gas producing region in Australia. The Company’s strategy is to target a combination of favourable technical and commercial considerations including:
    • the availability of a high quality 3D seismic survey over the Northern Margin of the Gippsland Basin;
    • the current oil market favouring the development of underexploited oil fields; and
    • the opening up of the Victorian gas market favouring the development of underexploited gas fields.

    Initially the Company aims to appraise and develop the Proved and Probable Reserves and Contingent Resources in the West Seahorse oil field totalling 10.3MMstb (on a best estimate basis) of which approximately 85% is within VIC/P57. The West Seahorse Field is located approximately two kilometres to the west of the producing Seahorse Oil Field and flanked by several other fields including the Wirrah and Moonfish Oil Fields. Upon the successful completion of the West Seahorse-3 well the Company intends to commence Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) and review funding options for the development of the Field. It is anticipated that the construction of the production facilities would commence in 2008.

    The oil in the West Seahorse Field is typical of the Gippsland Basin fields, and the Company anticipates that oil will be easily producible. It is a light crude (48° API) with a low gas to oil ratio and anticipated strong water drive within the reservoir.

    The Company also plans to drill an exploration well at the Sea Lion Prospect with Prospective Resources of 20.7 MMstb (best estimate) in the Gippsland Basin Permit. Exploration for oil and gas assets in VIC/P57 will benefit from the 2003 Northern Margin 3D seismic survey which covers approximately 70% of the Permit revealing an array of prospects and leads including Sea Lion and the Felix Prospect. The Prospective Resources for the Felix Prospect is 6.9 MMstb (best estimate).

    In the Bass Basin Permit the Company plans to acquire 2D Seismic to rank and select a candidate for drilling. The Permit is located approximately 60 kilometres to the east of the Yolla Field which has published reserves of 330 PJ of sales gas, and 28 MMbbl of oil and condensate. Of the five leads currently identified within T41-P, the Darymple Lead displays a strong seismic anomaly characteristic of a gas accumulation. The unrisked Prospective Resources for the Darymple Lead are 74 STOIIP MMstb (best estimate) or 75 GIIP Bscf (best estimate).

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    Peter Wilcox, who is the ex head of BHP Petroleum bought 25,000 on the market today. Bigger and better things to come in 2008 if anyone cares.

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    Big week to come for TDO - the rig is coming and West Seahorse begins. With drilling commencing (I think), over the weekend, I hope to see this rise and rise. With known resources, and the prospect of more to be found, this one will hopefully show significant rises in the coming weeks and months!!

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    Default Re: TDO - 3D Oil

    MC - $13m
    SP - 6.5c
    Shares - 206m
    Options - NQ
    Cash - $1.6m (Before Hibiscus deal)

    A$29 million farm-in and capital raising in VIC/P57 from Hibiscus Petroleum

     Hibiscus Petroleum will invest A$27m to predominantly fund the progress of the West Seahorse field
     Hibiscus Petroleum will acquire 50.1% in VIC/P57
     Hibiscus Petroleum will take a 13% cornerstone investment in 3D Oil for approximately A$2.0m
     Hibiscus Petroleum will be preferentially entitled to receive 74.9% of petroleum produced from the permit until the sales revenue equals the amount funded by Hibiscus Petroleum
     Hibiscus Petroleum will assume operatorship of the permit
     Dr Kenneth Pereira, Managing Director of Hibiscus Petroleum, will join the Board of 3D Oil
     Funds of up to A$29m from the subscription and farm-in investment will be used principally to develop the West Seahorse oil field
     Sea Lion prospect is targeted for exploration drilling on a best endeavours basis
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