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    Question Buy vs. accumulate recommendation

    can anyone explain the difference?

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    Default Re: buy vs accumulate

    I think there'll be some different perceptions, to me:

    Buy - A technical trade, I buy only one lot of shares anticipating the price to go up and then I sell either if it hits my stop-loss or target.

    Accumulate - I buy the stock on fundamental analysis (like BHP) whether it keeps falling or rising and I don't bail out, no stop-loss.
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    Default Re: buy vs accumulate

    Hi Livid

    Hope this helps you. Its from Huntleys

    Recommendations: We use a fi ve-point recommendation
    scale. There are two positive recommendations. In both
    cases we see upside in the share price; the distinction lies
    in the timing. BUY means the stock is suitable for purchase
    now. ACCUMULATE means the stock is undervalued but
    there is time to purchase as the price is unlikely to move up
    suddenly. If itís a stock you really want just take the opportunity.
    A glance at the recommendation price ranges will
    tell you how close the share price is to the Buy range. SELL
    means sell all holdings now and REDUCE means sell part of
    your holding (take profi ts). HOLD means the stock being
    appropriately priced, so you should neither buy nor sell.

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    Smile Re: buy vs accumulate

    Thanks guys, that clears it up for me.

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    Default Accumulate vs Buy Recommendation

    Not sure where else to post this one:

    Been thinking for a while how 'Accumulate' is considered a lesser recommendation than 'Buy' whereas in my mind if I told someone a stock was a Buy now it would be at current price, whereas Accumulate would be buy, and keep buying cause this one's not coming down.

    Someone care to explain?

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    Default Re: Buy vs. accumulate recommendation

    Cheers for whoever moved the thread. Need to get in the habit of searching first...

    So far query not resolved though...

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    Default Re: Buy vs. accumulate recommendation

    Halfwheel explained the difference in terms of Morningstar's site, otherwise you can apply as you like!

    Accumulate otherwise suggests buying more if you already hold, Buy means Buy!
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