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    Default Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    Another legendary Australian passed away today

    Your say: Bernie Banton dies
    Tuesday November 27, 2007
    Cancer has claimed the life of asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton.

    Mr Banton, who suffered from asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma, was the driving force behind a six-year fight to secure a $4.5 billion compensation fund for victims in a tireless legal campaign.

    He very deservingly will be honoured with a state funeral

    The state funeral for asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton will be held at Sydney's Olympic Park next Wednesday.

    The office of NSW Premier Morris Iemma has announced the service will take place at the 21,000 seat Acer Arena, formerly the Superdome, at the Homebush site in Sydney's west.

    Mr Banton, 61, died at his Sydney home early today, surrounded by his family.
    Our honourable Primeminister made special mentioned Bernie during his victory speech this Saturday.

    "Mate, you are not going to be forgotten in this place," Mr Rudd said.

    "When so many were prepared to cast you to one side, Bernie Banton, you have been a beacon and clarion call for what is decent and necessary in life and I salute you."
    Today after the sad news our P.M had this to say ...

    KEVIN RUDD: Australia is going to be poorer for Bernie's passing. Our whole nation will be poorer for Bernie's passing because he became a symbol, a living symbol of what is right and decent and proper in the workplace relations of this country, including industrial safety. We will miss him, I will miss him, the nation will miss him, and we'll now reflect on how we should honour him appropriately.
    RIP Bernie, Australia thanksyou.
    May Peace Be With You

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    He just demonstrates all that is good about Australian working people, and why we shouldn't have an attitude that we have had in society recently, where it is ok to perpetually give the middle finger to altruists in society.
    Up the Rats!!!!

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    With respect to the relations and friends of this man, why the political angle you have come across with numbercruncher?There is no doubt he demanded compensation for workplace injury and that is right but I can`t see why the political angle on this.

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    There will be a political angle as those, in politics, political unions, and general point seekers, all try belatedly to cash in on a genuine mans mainly solitary battle against the odds not only for himself but for a lot of Australians... before they all jump in front of the cameras and lay claim to having supported him in whatever vague way...please remember the courage and selflishness of the MAN... BERNIE B it was and always will be his fight and his victory .. Bernie I salute you.....

    The above post is personal opinion only, for investment advice consult a licensed professional who fully understands the value of trailing commissions.

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    Quote Originally Posted by Wysiwyg View Post
    With respect to the relations and friends of this man, why the political angle you have come across with numbercruncher?There is no doubt he demanded compensation for workplace injury and that is right but I can`t see why the political angle on this.
    Hi Wysiwyg -

    If Bernie had passed away 12 months ago and John Howard had said similar remarks I would of written this post exactly the same.

    Im merely demonstrating that he touched people all the way to the top.

    He went alot further than demanding compensation, he took on the "corporation" juggernaut and was the Human face that won compensation for all those adversly affected by this killer product.
    May Peace Be With You

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    Quote Originally Posted by Wysiwyg View Post
    With respect to the relations and friends of this man, why the political angle you have come across with numbercruncher?There is no doubt he demanded compensation for workplace injury and that is right but I can`t see why the political angle on this.
    Here's the political bit - in Bernies own voice
    Unions not irrelevant, Joe Hockey is: Bernie Banton

    Bernie thanks unions as James Hardie brought to justice
    At the November 30 rally, Bernie Banton, who suffers from an asbestos-related disease, thanks unions for helping in the campaign to bring James Hardie to justice. Bernie shares a hug with ACTU Secretary Greg Combet who says the campaign was one of the hardest he's ever fought.
    Tony Abbott has no time for Bernie Banton
    Check out what Tony Abbott really thinks of Bernie Banton in this video. Liberal Health Minister Tony Abbott skipped out on a meeting with anti-asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton, who wanted to give him a petition with nearly 20,000 signatures asking for support for his fellow mesothelioma sufferers. Mr Banton is terminally ill
    "Asbest"Banton pleased with Alimta result

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    R.I.P. Bernie.

    What really ______ me off though is that James Hardie, the SECV, CSR, Telecom (Telstra), Goliath, Bendix and everyone else who exposed their employees to this deadly stuff knew full well (or ought to have known) just how dangerous it was.

    Plenty of knowledge in the 1940's and a lot earlier. They they went ahead and mined, processed, fabricated, installed and otherwise used the stuff.

    Compensation? And so they damn well should be paying it not just to those employed, but everyone else affected through their products or equipment.

    Only last week I arranged the disposal of a large asbestos plant pot (!) belonging to my mother. She had no idea what it was and thought it was concrete, as I had assumed until the paint started coming off revealing the asbestos. A nasty little product that if dragged along a hard surface (concrete, bitumen, pavers etc) as many would do will wear away and release millions of fibres into the air. The asbestos removalist told me he does "thousands" of these. Thanks (not) Goliath for this totally unnecessary hazard manufactured decades after sound medical knowledge on the subject became available.

    Worst of all is that it too so long to do something. It wasn't until 2003 that all processing of the stuff finally ended in Australia. And blowing up (literally) one of, if not the, most contaminated sites in the country only a few years ago with people living down wind shows just how willing many are to take risks to save a dollar.

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    Hows this for continuing disgraceful behaviour ...

    SHAMED multinational James Hardie made one last effort to rob asbestos victim Bernie Banton as he lay dying, using a doctor's report it had hidden for seven years to claim it did not have to pay him compensation.

    As Mr Banton lost his battle with mesothelioma yesterday, the building company and its former subsidiary used the critical report on a 34-year-old X-ray to try to again rort the 61-year-old.
    May Peace Be With You

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    I suppose it is just about right to post this link from Wikipedia on Australian Blue Asbestos: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Blue_Asbestos

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    Quote Originally Posted by numbercruncher View Post
    Hows this for continuing disgraceful behaviour ...
    thanks nc - very unclear as to when what happened, (I wish they'd clarify whether this was before or after his final settlement was agreed - I mean this news could have been a weeks ago for instance, possibly even before the final announced settlement (?) ), but to be fair to the newspaper, they may not be certain, and they'd prefer to prod the beehive until the truth outs.

    Certainly the ambush of the Xray, and the reaction of Bernie's solicitor would indicate dirty tactics (whenever it happened) yes?.

    Guess the directors are looking after the shareholders - now there is one company I would draw the line at with respect to investing.

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    Go take a close look at one of the fibre reinforced cement pipes manufactured by James Hardie today. Just don't create any dust...

    For those who have seen the old "a" sticker warning of the dangers of asbestos in fibro, the current situation will be shockingly familiar. In short, it's got a lot more words than the old "a" sticker but it's nonetheless a sticker that tells you the product will quite likely kill you. And sure enough, the hazard is exposure to dust.

    That's what's on the pipes you can buy right now in 2007. Some people never learn...

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    Australia will be poorer for having lost another working class hero. Bernie was full of courage until the end. I am deeply saddened by his loss. My sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

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    Default Re: Bernie Banton - Dies aged 61

    The Bernie Banton story grits me .

    A stoic Australian , they trod on , whilst he was suffering ! (utterly dispicable)

    A basic fact that Bernie was labelled persona non grata , was just the same line followed by the party , S.O.P.

    I don't care what anyone says to the differ , but this Labor win is as much owed to Bernie and his cotery of friends .
    The price for the glory was far too high , so Bernie and co. should be a banner for all Australians to wake up and fight no matter how tough the opponent . You have rights , what's left of them . But a hard days work for good pay , must also be able to be done in safety to health or limb .

    So much for Occupational / Health and Safety to date .

    If it is to get political , perhaps the Civil Liabilities Act should be revamped in every state now that Labor has them all , ( don't hold your breathe for that one ) .

    They could chop down a few other obstacles put up by JH Inc . , trading as the Australian Liberal Party .

    There used to be justice in courtrooms , then there was a mellowed satisfaction , eventually that evaporated too .

    A look in there would be extremely beneficial to Labor , but they'd have to rock a boat .

    So let's give them the ideas and a willing hand to help , get in the ear of your local member , tell him/her what you think , even if your a Lib voter .

    The us and them attitude always fails , better to team together , show unity , this will create reactive movements from Canberra and States for our betterment .

    and ....... if respect for us came back , future Bernies will be treated with real dignity and be help to allieviate the suffering they are enduring .

    Right now Kevin Rudd has been given cartblanche by Australia , I hope he respects that in itself . He mentioned Bernie , in words , now for some action , the funeral is a befitting start .

    Rest well now Bernie you fought the good fight

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