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    Default Matt Price - RIP

    Matt Price you will be sadly missed.

    I loved your balance on The Insiders.

    I loved your insights on The Offsiders.

    I loved your pieces in "The Australian" about the goings on inside the corridors of Parliament House.

    And most of all I loved your passion for sport, particularly AFL ........and your beloved Freo.

    Your columns made me laugh out loud on many occasions and your ability to see the "good and bad" on both sides of the political spectrum was very refreshing.

    Thankyou very much.

    Who is going to take your place? Certainly not Patrick Smith!!!

    For those of you who don't know of him.........Australian journalism lost a real talent on the weekend. Diagnosed with brain tumors in September. Died age 45 (only 10 years older than me).

    It is an appropriate time to reflect that no matter how hectic things get, and how many punches are thrown our way, we need to keep in the forefront of our minds how special and fragile our lives are.

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    Remember - it's not a lie if you truely believe it yourself.

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

    Concur with your thoughts, he was great. Sadly missed, sympathies to his family and friends.

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

    Well said Duckman and Broadside - tragedy for his young family, big loss for those of us who enjoyed his work so much.

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

    only the good die young (?) - probably incorrect in general - but correct in his case

    and yep 46 is far too young

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

    RIP Matt Price...

    Always looked forward to reading his columns and opinions... witty and always on the mark.

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

    Well said Duckman.

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

    Thanks, Duckman, for posting this very appropriate and sad comment.
    I never met Matt Price but so enjoyed his contributions to the political scene.
    Some deaths seem to really have a great impact. Perhaps it was something about his smile which has put him so much in my mind since hearing of his death.

    Comments/messages can be left here:


    Such messages might be some small comfort to his family.

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

    I enjoyed Matt's appearances on the Insiders. I was always impressed with his ability to present a balanced, logical argument amid others who could only rant.
    It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value. Arthur C. Clarke

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

    click on"broadband" etc
    a great tribute - including his singing talent - mostly put together by his daughter

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

    Thanks for posting that, 2020. Just so hard to believe he's dead.
    Strangely enough, last night I had a dream about him: he wasn't dead at all but had staged a recovery. Sitting in a hospital bed surrounded by his family with that same wide smile.

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    Default Re: Matt Price - RIP

    y'welcome Julia

    his own words written to his friends...
    "no pithy punchline
    life is fragile
    hug your loved ones"

    to his kids, I would say:-

    "There will I know be moments of sadness and great loss -
    but if you can put beside that
    all the good times you have had together,
    I am sure
    that you will find
    that you have gained
    than you can ever lose"

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