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    Default Can we predict the future by looking at the past?

    Are there lessons to be learnt from comparing the elections of the Whitlam and the Rudd governments 35 years apart?

    Under a Liberal government, a boom period is experienced with the US stock market growing 50+% from May 1970 to January 1973. They are thrown out!

    Under a Liberal government, Australia, along with the US, have been actively engaged in unwinnable wars in Vietnam and Iraq. They are thrown out!

    Within 2 months of the Whitlam government gaining power, the US stock market reached its high and begins its downward journey. It takes another 10 years before that high is convincingly exceeded in another bullish trend. Labor is thrown out after 3 years of government!

    Will history be repeated with Kevin07 and we see the market start retreating at the end of January 2008?

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    Default Re: Can we predict the future by looking at the past?

    Doesnt Gann theory base itself on repetition in the markets, and most future behaviour can be judged by past experience? Did Gann forecast anything about change of government?

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