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    Has anybody used or is using stock doctor to create a longer term view of the ASX for building a winning portfolio or can anybody suggest any other suitable approaches,I have aprox.$200,000-00 to invest in the stockmarket

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    grubram, I have used stockdoctor for about five years now, my SMSF bought and maintains it.

    It is probably the best investment I have ever made from a stock investment point of view.

    Their own fund (http://www.lincolnindicators.com.au/...rformance.html) up over 49% in a turbulent year proves that theory.

    I would strongly recommend that you have a look at their analysis of "Star" stocks.

    I have no direct link with them, just a happy customer.


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    Hi Boggo, do you have the Australian site for Stock Doctor. Google but find a lot of US sites to search thru.

    I prefer to trade an SMSF myself but this sounds like what I have been searching for, as a back up for my wife who does not trade.

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    Austeck,use the link above in Boggo's reply and click on products.

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    Hi all,
    Is anyone using or have used the stockdoctor?
    What did you benefit from it (if any).
    What are the pros and cons?


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