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    Hi all

    Well we all are now aware of the FDL phenomenen today. What i am curios about is out of the 1500 or so companies on the ASX how do some of you zero in on a company that is primed to have a run.

    After the event is quite easy in hindsigt to say this and that but on the day or just prior?


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    There is absolutely no way you could see that technically before it occurs.

    The only way I know you could do it and its worked for me in the past is to be able to scan realtime for stocks which gap on open and volume % change.
    I used to check the scans every 90 mins and found some real goers.

    Marketcast used to do it but since its basically defunct I now use e signal for live. So dont have it any more.

    Anyone know of a way of doing this now?

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    Its just a punt...holding any explorer/prospector/bio-tech
    i suppose u have to believe in the idea/concept/science, then
    be brave enough to put good money in and then be patient.
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    Momentum trading had a bit of air time during the bear market phase and I found this book which addresses the strategy.

    Momo Traders: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies from Ten Top Traders Paperback 2015
    by Brady Dahl

    Never let anyone dictate your life path.

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