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    Default Assault surge caused by NSW neglect: Opposition

    From ABC, 20 Nov. 07

    The New South Wales Opposition has criticised the Government over new figures showing the number of people assaulted in the past year has increased by 50,000.
    The latest crime-victim survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics found 240,000 people were assaulted or threatened with assault in NSW, compared to 190,000 the year before.
    Opposition police spokesman Mike Gallacher says the Government is failing to address the issue adequately.

    "It really does fly in the face of all the rhetoric and spin that we hear from the Government virtually day in, day out," he said.
    "The Premier is out there saying that they're on top of things when it comes to law and order and they're starting to turn it around.
    "These figures speak for themselves. - 1,000 a week and there's no suggestion that they're stemming the tide."

    Mr Gallacher says police numbers continue to be an issue and the courts need to be a part of the equation.
    "The Government continues to say they've got large numbers of police but where in heaven's name are they?" he asked.
    "We're just not seeing them and if we've got these tens of thousands of police roaming the streets, why is it that there is no visible police presence on our streets?"
    If we need to see police to behave, we are too soft on criminals, or we have too many criminals waiting to act as soon as there is no police around.

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    Default Re: Assault surge caused by NSW neglect: Opposition

    We need to build an alcatraz style prison on off shore Islands to ship violent criminals too.
    May Peace Be With You

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