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    I have gotta say that the Highlights
    I the early threads are absolutely terrible.

    Id never seen highlighting before on forums and got carried away.
    I agree that less is more.But its pretty shocking I admit.

    The fact that people are willing to start a civil war over it makes me laugh!

    Arrogance.Been accused of that pretty well all of the time in business life as well as here.I havent time to pussy around decisions are to me Black and White,make them get on with it and reap the rewards or fix it!If I write a piece here its because I use it as its written Im not going to debate it! Im presenting it as I know it works as Im using it.

    What people do with it is up to them sure disagree dont use it disgard it criticise it but for gods sake INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU PONTIFICATE

    Know it all------I dont care what your presenting but if you present it to anyone CORRECTLY thats EXACTLY how youll come across------If you dont then your not doing your job--------so Im GUILTY!

    Im not here to convince you if its right or wrong Im presenting it as I FIND IT and USE it,Im not going to argue with you if you think its rubbish.

    If you find it rubbish dont use it---present what you find useful become PRO ACTIVE and INTERACTIVE.

    Finally I love IGNORE BUTTONS wish I could hand them out in real life.I dont have to put up with pointless ramblings about how much of a **^^$ I am ,
    (Thanks I already know) and they can turn their scource of annoyance off (ME) Fantastic----leaves all those with a common interest to share it!

    Onwards and Upwards------there are 2 biggies in life BIRTH and DEATH everything else fills in the time in between.

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    Default Re: Some admissions.

    Oh and Techtrader.

    Its a system I designed with the help of a few after a question as to wether it could be done(Design,test,Trade a long term mechanical system)Its presented as "A" method not "THE" method of trading.Its importance I feel is for all traders who have doubts that a method can be designed then can run a decient profit consistanly actually exists.

    There are many ways to trade each as valid as the next--positive expectancy is a MUST------ without it failure is almost guarenteed.

    Currently its returned around 450% on initial equity it can be varified.
    I dont care what anyone thinks of the method wether they use it or think its rubbish.Its there for those who do get benifit out of it.

    For me trading is only a small % of my business dealings and if the market tanks Ill be more concerned about other things than my portfolio.

    So too I hope will all of you!

    Its all about BALANCE.

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    Talking Re: Some admissions.

    Thanks Tech/a

    You can keep this thread all for yourself.

    I am pretty sure a new member will post here soon saying that he/she loves you and that you are a master, sorry a guru!!!

    I guess what I'm saying is that you serial mental problem has multiple members here all writing from the same computer

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    Default Re: Some admissions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warren Buffet II
    I guess what I'm saying is that you serial mental problem has multiple members here all writing from the same computer
    Warren you are skating on thin ice with these kind of accusations, which, incidentally, are completely untrue.

    I'm warning everyone involved in this little personality dispute to keep things civil. No, we are all not going to get along but I expect everyone here to have the maturity not to resort to playground insults.

    We are not going to have the law of the jungle here on Aussie Stock Forums.

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    Default Re: Some admissions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warren Buffet II
    I am pretty sure a new member will post here soon saying that he/she loves you and that you are a master, sorry a guru!!!
    Joe Blow has the capacity to see from which addresses posts originate from. If Tech/A, you, me or the dog down the street has two accounts he uses, Joe has means to see that.

    I wonder how many people in here have read the classic, 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. For many, it'd go a long way.

    With regards to the highlighting - thanks! Personally, I don't believe there is any need for the ability to change colour/boldness etc in a post. It makes it difficult and annoying to read and it tends to have the opposite effect intended. If for instance you intend to highlight the importance of a point or reasoning, it ends up making you look like a 5yo girl that's just been given a new pack of textas

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    Default Re: Some admissions.

    I disagree about the highlighting and bold text if used in moderation.

    Its very ordinary when you are reading and someone has just lumped all their text into a huge paragraph, or even a huge page with nothing to break up the text.

    If someone has an instructive post with lots of info then clever formatting and use of bold/highlights can be very useful and actually make the post more enjoyable to read.

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    Smile Re: Some admissions.

    To tech/a et al

    Firstly being a newbie I have to admit that I am a fan of your postings (and all other contributors who make this forum educational and enjoyable).

    I appreciate the effort you (and others) make to increase the knowledge of other more novice investors.

    I have always lived by the creed that there is always someone smarter than you and the clever thing do is to learn something from them if you can as that will make you smarter.

    I don't know you personally and if you have any feelings of superiority (I personally don't think you do) etc. then that does not worry me as I feel that I am gaining some free advice (and there 's not much of that around these days).

    As for the highlighting I think that it is appropriate when you are making a point etc. - helps me see the important stuff!

    So to you and all the others here who are willing to share their knowledge, experiences etc - thank you ! and please keep up the good work !!!

    There will always be detractors (the old ausssie tall poppy syndrome) - please ignore them!

    I, and I am sure, many others here appreciate your efforts (even though they may not say so in type).

    Also Kudos and thanks to the person(s) running the whole show - (that you Joe ??)

    Life is as easy as you want to make it.

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    Default Re: Some admissions.

    Well said Dutchie, there a few people around in here and all they have is a hammer and all thay can see is nails.


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