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    Narhex Life Sciences Limited (ASX: NLS) is an Australian biotechnology company based in Melbourne. Its principal focus is to develop and commercialize its anti-HIV protease inhibitor DG17. DG17 is the water-soluble prodrug of the active anti-HIV drug DG35. When DG17 is administered to animals or humans it is absorbed and then rapidly and completely converted to DG35, which exerts its anti-HIV activity in blood and tissues.

    The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) makes a protease enzyme which is unique to the virus. This enzyme cuts specific HIV proteins into small, functional fragments. DG35 inhibits the activity of the HIV protease, which is essential for this virus to replicate. DG35 has no activity against human proteases and in human and animal trials to date has not shown any significant toxicity.

    Narhex Life Sciences intends to develop DG17 for regulatory approval in OECD countries, specifically the European Union, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia/New Zealand. In addition, Narhex will develop DG17 for use in countries with developing economies, many of which have rapidly expanding HIV epidemics. We have already established a dialogue with Chinese companies interested in establishing a joint venture to develop DG17 for the Chinese market, and it is our intention to conclude this arrangement as soon as possible, while seeking similar arrangements in other developing countries.

    There are currently 10 protease inhibitors approved for use in OECD countries. Although this represents significant competition for DG17, Narhex believes that the drug may offer some advantages over existing protease inhibitors. If after extensive clinical testing DG17 is proven to be only equivalent to existing protease inhibitors, management is still confident that DG17 will still achieve significant market share.

    Narhex has granted patents for DG17 and DG35 in all relevant jurisdictions, and these patents expire between 2013 and 2014.

    In April 2006 Narhex purchased key assets of the Swedish biotech company, Cavidi Tech AB, and re-formed the company at its original site in Uppsala as Cavidi AB. Cavidi has developed, manufactures and sells two assay kits used in the management of HIV-infected patients. ExaVir® Load measures the amount of HIV in blood ("HIV viral load"), a test which is essential for managing HIV-infected patients, especially those on therapy. ExaVir® Drug assesses whether a patient's strain of HIV is susceptible to anti-HIV drugs. The advantages of the Cavidi ExaVir® assays is that they are relatively easy to use, require only inexpensive, robust equipment which is suitable for developing country environments, and are significantly less expensive that the automated assays used in the Western world.


    Latest News: http://www.aer.com.au/announcements/...00780700.pdf:D

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    Narhex in trouble!

    NARHEX Life Sciences is the latest biotech to run into trouble with the Australian Securities Exchange after the exchange ran its eyes across the company's most recent balance sheet. The ASX sent the small development company a "please explain" on Monday, noting that Narhex only has enough cash at bank to survive the one more quarter of operations if the company maintains its current cash burn rate.

    More here :


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    Maybe moving in the right direction FINALLY!

    Cavidi AB -Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative Agreement

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    Q. What does coal and an AIDS inhibitor have in common?
    A. Narhex

    EPC 2769 GRANTED
    Narhex has received formal notification from the Vendor, Coalplay Pty Ltd (“Coalplay”), that the Queensland government has granted EPC 2769 “Glastonbury”.
    Consequently the 6 month option period in which to decide whether to acquire the tenement from Coalplay has commenced. That option period will expire on the 3rd January 2013.
    Narhex will now commence a Due Diligence process on the tenement to ascertain whether or not to proceed with the acquisition and transfer of the tenement. The acquisition will be subject to all necessary shareholder and regulatory approvals.
    EPC 2769 is in the Maryborough Basin, within 15 kms to the south of Tiaro Coal Ltd’s EPC 956, on which Tiaro have recently announced an exploration target of 100 to 200 milion tonnes within the Tiaro coal measures, with a maiden 40M tonne JORC resource of metallurgical coal quality on EPC 956. 1
    The prospectivity of successful exploration in the Maryborough Coal Basin for coal deposits with the potential to produce and mine metallurgical (coking, PCI) and thermal coal has been encouraged with the activity of Tiaro.
    Coalplay have also advised that they have commenced the application for the granting of a coal exploration license for EPC 2771 near the township of Moonie in Queensland.

    Narhex continues in its Joint Venture through Narhex Life Sciences International Limited in Xi’an Hex, the principal activity of which remains the development and commercialization of its anti HIV Protease inhibitor, DG-17.

    Will wait for latest information from June quarterly before updating financials and any other relevant information.
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    On July 8th, 2015, Narhex Life Sciences Limited (NLS) changed its name and ASX code to ResApp Health Limited (RAP).

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    Not sure why this big sell down last few days - maybe it got ahead of itself a bit. As far as I can tell, this is going to be a very successful company in years ahead.

    Has anyone crunched the numbers and come up with a valuation/?

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    HC saying that Uniquest selling their big holdings. If so, it appears to be fairly unsophisticated selling. Maybe they needed the money in a hurry and didn't have time to scale out. If that's what's happening, what an opportunity.

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    Log and regular charts - seems to be great buying if it stays above about 26c!


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    I know there's a trendline there, but 32 might be a short term high. Looking to re-enter.


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