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    I was wondering does anyone understand why in some shares (SUL, CCP) etc you always seem to see small share parcels trading in the market. I have noticed this lately with SUL where small parcels are constantly been traded as both buyer/seller. Is there a reason behind this? or is someone trying to manipulate the market. It seems kind of silly to see heaps of buy/sell orders for less then $1000 constantly been exchanged

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    Sometimes the broker has been given an order to reduce or accumulate so they do it, but if they do it all in one go they may or may not get a good price. Where as if they did it over a week/month the client won't complain about the price because it'll usually be the average price for that period. But they won't congratulate them either, just playing it safe.
    I presume they don't pay the same brokerage rates as the rest of us.

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    Thanks I didnt really think of that. The only thing that confuses me with SUL is the fact there are both small/buys sells on each side. Ah well either way its going up which is good

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