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    Default GER - Greenearth Energy

    Information on the offer of Greenearth Energy shares can be found at: http://www.greenearthenergy.com.au

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    Default Re: GER - Greenearth Energy

    hmm I'm interested, whats the deal with the company? Startup or already working on a project?

    Solar/wind/biosomething :P

    edit - ah its just some geothermal licences. Nothing amazing. I'll see what happens after it lists.
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    Default Re: GER - Greenearth Energy

    Looks interesting. Any long term target price? I've never got into an IPO before. Will have to do some reading tonight and maybe give it a small punt.

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    Default Re: GER - Greenearth Energy

    A 20% fall in shares today, time to snap a few up for a quick sale soon after me thinks. Nothing big just a little dabble

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    Default Re: GER - Greenearth Energy

    price jump from a closing of 0.065 at 10/02/11 to 0.074 at 11/02/11
    with 10,000 volume traded
    is this an attempt to raise the price?

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    Default Re: GER - Greenearth Energy

    I'm surprised non of the day traders have posted this already today - or was they hoping to keep it quiet

    The news that caused the spike - http://stocknessmonster.com/news-ite...E=ASX&N=400916

    Now this is what you call a candle - over 300%.


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