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    Default Spitting spree

    From ABC, 1 Nov. 07


    The union representing Brisbane's bus drivers says more and more of its members are getting spat on while they are at work.
    The City Council is giving its drivers DNA kits so they can collect saliva samples which will then be handed over to police.
    Mick Layt from the Rail Tram and Bus Union says it is a growing problem.
    "It's like someone walking into someone's office walking up to them tapping them on the shoulder and spitting at them," he said.
    "A dog act and we've got to back the police and try and get these people through the courts and I think it's a serious matter and it's just growing."
    Since idea of DNA database is getting stronger, I think DNA should be collected at birth and all offenders should have DNA collected on compulsory basis.

    If anybody wants to give DNA sample on voluntary basis its OK with me too.

    Civil liberty and privacy?
    What about democratic rights of the victims?

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    Default Re: Spitting spree

    I actually agree Happy. What is the point of technology if its not going to be used.

    There are a few privacy issued raised, and im sure other members will elaborate on them.

    My biggest concern however, would be the ease of framing others at a crime scene. ie - placing a few skin scrapings and hair strands around the place.

    I think there would need to be more than just DNA evidence for some crimes.
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    Default Re: Spitting spree

    is it boring being perfect?

    Bet a DNA database would have been handy for the Nazi's. Though Blond hair, blue eyes are recessive genes so you have to have two I think to have those features - so they'd have been able to tell by just looking at people - wouldn't have needed a database.
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    Default Re: Spitting spree

    Oh of course, we live in a wonderful democratic society - we'd never have a situation like that happen here, no sirreee.
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    Default Re: Spitting spree

    more concrete example of why I'm against this sort of stuff from personal experience.

    Riding home from school when I was 14 years old a builder in a truck pulls up next to me and my mate and asks us if we know anything about some vandalism at a building site. We didn't have a clue what or where he was talking about, but he asked our names during the conversation, which, being naive idiots we gave him. (we hadn't done anything wrong so why not).

    Didn't think any more of it.

    5 YEARS LATER a DETECTIVE pulls up at our house (I happened to be doing some work in the front yard) and say's he's just clearing his records and my name is down as a suspect for some vandalism and he wanted to talk to me about it so he can clear out the file. So the builder without telling us gave our names to police and without my knowledge I was on a police file for 5 years.
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    Default Re: Spitting spree

    i support the compulsory DNA extraction of all prisoners convicted of serious offences. many unsolved crimes would be able to be cross referenced against this database which would help close many of these cases, as well as help provide quick resolution to the vast majority of crimes which are committed by habitual reoffenders.

    p.s. cuttlefish, you missed your meds today man.

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    Default Re: Spitting spree

    yeah must have ...

    I can understand the point about serious offenders, just worry that it becomes a slippery slope and before you know it everyone's getting dna sampled at birth.

    Both beurocratic incompetence, corruption, can cause this sort of information to be misused.
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    Default Re: Spitting spree

    Go hire a copy of Gattica, sit down and watch it, then come back here and post your thoughts.


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    Default Re: Spitting spree

    Spitting is assault... good on them for introducing this

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