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    Being a "stock market" trader for about the past 9yrs on and off, I have only ever dabbled in the trading of ASX shares. Is there any of the more advantageous traders out there that trade shares/CDFs/options, etc what particular method have you found to be the most profitable with the least "stressful risk"?

    Curious Cat

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    in my short experience, the more 'profitable' you are looking for the more 'stress' that comes with it. A bit like risk/reward.

    CFD leverage creates bigger gains but equally as big losses. Speculative shares have big gains, but big losses.

    the only way, imo, to be profitable without stress is very long term holds (>10yrs). that way you forget that your holding it and dont bother looking at it

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    I agree!
    I love trading specky shares and I know the risk. But I've always been curious as to how profitable other ways of trading are.

    Cheers Cat

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