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    Hi everyone.

    etrade are running a share trading comp with CNBC's Money Matters tv show, starting November 12 (check out the etrade site for links to the competition)

    You can win $1000 a week in an etrade account, 1st prize is a $280,000 masarati.

    You get a virtual $100,000 to trade in the asx300 companies.

    Now heres the unfair part: If you have paytv and watch the money matters show you can get an extra $10,000 a day to trade by answering a question.

    Definitely not fair to people that dont have paytv, like me, so hopefully if can sleuth out the answers somewhere, i'll post them here to level the playing field.

    If anyone that watches the show wants to post the answers to the questions here, please feel free to do so

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    Default Re: eTrade/Money Matters share trading competition


    I saw that! I'm registered, but I can't log in yet.

    Did you see the bit about earning $1000 virtual dollars for each friend you refer? If anyone wants to help me I'm happy to refer you I need all the help I can get!


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    Default Re: eTrade/Money Matters share trading competition

    Hi all.
    Just received an email from Etrade offering a chance to win 1 year's free brokerage.
    They ask that you fill in the form.
    They want your email address, your first name and user id number.
    Anyone else got the email?

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