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    Hi there,
    Is there any program out there that can manage watchlists for multiple charing programs. I am finding it very time comsuming adding the same stocks to different charting programs. What I want is one program where I can maintain all my different lists and be able to load them into a number of programs. So lets say I use one charting program to test all the stocks in one list with some indicators, elimating some of them as I go, and then I want to be able to delete them from the list and load the list into another charting program to apply some tests using indicators that the first program did not have.

    Does anyone know of program out there that will do this?

    Thank you for your time,


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    Hi Scott,

    I doubt you will find anything to do that, as there wouldn;t be high demand for it, hence noone would have written it.

    Another cosideration is all charting programs would have to have some sort of common import format (maybe metastock) but I haven't seen anything that would do that.

    Perhaps find a more advanced charting program that will fill most of your requirements.

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